Goblin Week is definitely the best internet holiday.

Every year since 2014 I've participated in Goblin Week, which was started by Evan Dahm. I draw at least one goblin for each day of Goblin Week, and occasionally draw some extras as requests for friends.

Here are the goblins, in reverse chronological order

Goblin Week 2022

This year, I'm trying out some new physical media: a brush pen, with a ballpoint for details only.

This year is also more themed than previous. You'll see what I mean, I'm sure.

Goblin Week 2021

I didn't forget about this year, I just haven't made the links yet. Be patient.

Goblin Week 2020

I'm continuing to work in physical media this week, and to draw some different types of gobs than I have before.

Goblin Week 2019

This time around for goblin week, I'm trying to work on my inking skills. They are decidedly still developing. I'm also trying to branch out into goblins of different varieties.

Goblin Week 2018

It's time for another goblin week, and this time I'm back to traditional media.

Goblin Week 2017

Goblin Week is upon us yet again. These are all back to digital media.

Goblin Week 2016

Unfortunately, this year Goblin Week caught me with my artist trousers down, and my tablet ten time zones away. As a result, my offerings for this year are merely pen sketches photographed and tampered with. I lost the notebook that I drew these in, unfortunately, so these are as good as they're going to get.

The good thing was that Goblin Week 2016 inaugurated my tradition of granting Goblin-related wishes by friends and family.

Goblin Week 2015

Goblin Week 2015 was met with the same enthusiasm.

Goblin Week 2014

I first drew goblins for Goblin Week in 2014. Digital media.