I enjoy playing RPGs, and writing them.

I began my career running Dungeons & Dragons (I'm a young thing, so 3rd Ed was my introduction to D&D and to RPGs in general). Eventually, I briefly moved on to D20 Modern, then spent my High School years playing and running GURPS, which I liked substantially more.

In recent years, the off-the-shelf games I've played the most have been In a Wicked Age, Mouse Guard, 7th Sea, and Pathfinder, with a couple games of Hunter: the Reckoning and Call of Cthulhu thrown in for good measure.


I wrote a little sketch of a game for GOBLIN WEEK 2016.


Time to space things up a bit.

I've been working on a science fiction role-playing game called SPACEWARRIORS since the Spring of 2013, and I'm pleased to say that I finished and released a playable version of it.

The game itself and more info about it the game can be found on SPACEWARRIORS's own page.

Games I Wrote In High School

These are the first games I ever completed.

Three of them are 24-hour RPGs, and none of them are especially good. They are here mostly for posterity. In chronological order:

  1. N/AI: This is the first complete game I ever wrote, and is a 24-hour RPG about artificially intelligent computer programs or something.
  2. Lucidity: Another 24 hour RPG, this time about dreams.
  3. Uncarved Worlds: This is a weird one. I'm not certain it's even an RPG, but I wrote it in 24 hours. You create a whole society, from chemistry to space travel. I wrote this after being disappointed by Spore.
  4. Mythic: A fantasy RPG that I wrote the Summer after my last year of high school. It's a 90+ page monster, and there's probably some worthwhile stuff in there. I've never played a game of it, and I don't love my own writing style here, but it's at least more coherent than its predecessors.

I don't have any reason to believe that anyone has ever played these games, but "Lucidity" did once get a favorable review back in 2007, by an RPGnet user who I do not know.