I enjoy playing RPGs, and writing them.

I began my career running Dungeons & Dragons (I'm a young thing, so 3rd Ed was my introduction to D&D and to RPGs in general). Eventually, I briefly moved on to D20 Modern, then spent my High School years playing and running GURPS, which I liked substantially more.

In recent years, the off-the-shelf games I've played the most have been Monster Hearts, D&D 5E, In a Wicked Age, Mouse Guard, Torchbearer, 7th Sea, and Pathfinder, with a couple games of Hunter: the Reckoning and Call of Cthulhu thrown in for good measure.

nameless retrohack

I'm working on an old school retrohack, having fallen down that rabbit hole for a long time. In its current state, it's one page player rules. It's difficult to make a complete account of one's influences, but the frame of the thing (and the one page format) owes a lot to Searchers of the Unknown, the starting equipment tables to Necropraxis, the encumberance and saving thows to Delta, the use of hit points for damage dealt to Akratic Wizardry and the 'length in feet' polearm rule to the Nine and Thirty Kingdoms. My innovations are mainly the the Guard/Agility defense system, canny/uncanny check mechanic, the (minimal) magic-working rules and the five alignment system.

The five alignments are something I've been messing with a fair amount in the context of traditional fantasy RPGs, and I've gone through several different incarnations of how I want to handle them. A year or so ago, I read Cuisine and Empire which, in its general treatment of the culinary ancient world, discussed a group of theories about the nature of the world it described as 'Cosmological Correspondences.' What I'm working towards with the alignments in here is in the vein of those theories, a way of dividing the world, society, the body and so forth into thematic groups:

Weight Star Ring Red Bright
planet Jupiter Mercury Saturn Mars Venus
direction West Center North South East
season Fruit Winter Grain Autumn Spring
tissue Bone Nerve Viscera Lean Fat
color White Blue Black Red Green
taste Pungent Sweet Salty Bitter Sour

I intend to add spell, monster and treasure lists themed around these five alignments, probably one page each.


A long-burning project of mine is aa Basic, Interimensional Roleplaying Game, which has its own page.


I wrote a little sketch of a game for GOBLIN WEEK 2016.


Time to space things up a bit.

I've been working on a science fiction role-playing game called SPACEWARRIORS since the Spring of 2013, and I'm pleased to say that I finished and released a playable version of it.

The game itself and more info about it the game can be found on SPACEWARRIORS's own page.

Games I Wrote In High School

These are the first games I ever completed.

Three of them are 24-hour RPGs, and none of them are especially good. They are here mostly for posterity. In chronological order:

  1. N/AI: This is the first complete game I ever wrote, and is a 24-hour RPG about artificially intelligent computer programs or something.
  2. Lucidity: Another 24 hour RPG, this time about dreams.
  3. Uncarved Worlds: This is a weird one. I'm not certain it's even an RPG, but I wrote it in 24 hours. You create a whole society, from chemistry to space travel. I wrote this after being disappointed by Spore.
  4. Mythic: A fantasy RPG that I wrote the Summer after my last year of high school. It's a 90+ page monster, and there's probably some worthwhile stuff in there. I've never played a game of it, and I don't love my own writing style here, but it's at least more coherent than its predecessors.

I don't have any reason to believe that anyone has ever played these games, but "Lucidity" did once get a favorable review back in 2007, by an RPGnet user who I do not know.