SPACEWARRIORS: Degenerates of the Galactic Rim, Second Edition is a fanciful, high-spirited science-fiction role-playing game.

This, the second edition of SPACEWARRIORS boasts a number of features including:

SPACEWARRIORS is freely available, formatted either as a booklet for printing on US Letter paper or optimized for perusing on your computer.

To print as a booklet, print double-sided with short-edge binding and landscape orientation on US Letter paper, and fold every printed sheet in half. Stack the folios in order, with their creased sides together, and bind them together with binder clips.

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Booklet format Booklet format
Digital format Digital format

Let me tell you a story. Back at college, I was in a super cool club called Write Club where we'd get together and write fiction. One week, the prompt was to write the worst story we could think of, so I started to write this.

I was so taken with my own bit of genre parody that I started writing what I tentatively titled "The Official Spaceman Jeffry Role-playing Game." After a week of feverish writing and neglecting my schoolwork (This is bad. Kids: do your schoolwork.), it had picked up the title SPACEWARRIORS: Degenerates of the Galactic Rim, and after another couple of weeks it was ready for a playtest.

The playtest revealed a number of things. First, that my friends are awesome. Second, that the system of SPACEWARRIORS was broken right to hell. And finally, that it would be worth the time to fix it because there was a lot about the game that was fun.

That was in April 2013. SPACEWARRIORS took a back seat to finals, since, after all it was my senior year and I kind of needed to graduate. I worked on it sort of intermittently over the Summer, but it wasn't until December 2013 that I actually got down to brass tacks and gave the game the complete rewrite it needed.

Then, I sent it around to aforementioned excellent friends and shook them down for their invaluable proofreading and even more invaluable artwork-making time, revised my early draft, and finalized the game for a playtest version.

My incredibly patient playtesters (to whom I am greatly indebted for accommodating my sudden rules changes and retcons) were the fires in which the release version of SPACEWARRIORS was forged.

SPACEWARRIORS was released free of charge under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license here, on this very website, on Tuesday, June 10, 2014.